Traditions and superstitions

It is almost time to say good-bye to 2013… We Brazilians (and also the Latinos) have some important traditions (and superstitions) to start the New Year with good luck. Today I will share some of them with you:

Burn the bad
On the 31st of December write down on a piece of paper everything from 2013 you would like to forget and then burn it. Burn baby burn!

Wish list for 2014
Make a wish list on the 31st of December. Put on your list whatever you want for the New Year, read it loud, fold and keep it safe. Refer back to it on the last day of 2014.

Eat lentils
This tradition came originally from Italy. Eating lentils on the last day of the year will guarantee prosperity in the next year.

Serve pork for the New Year’s meal
In many cultures pork brings prosperity and therefore eating pork as your last meal of the year is a good deal.

Start the New Year with the right foot
Everybody wants to start a new year with the right foot. Make sure to have only your right foot on the floor when you are counting down the final seconds of 2013.

Eat 12 grapes
At 00:00 h, before or during the hugs and kisses, make sure to eat 12 grapes (representing the 12 months of the new year) while making a wish for every month/grape that you have.

Wear white for peace!
Wearing white on the New Year’s Eve is said to bring you peace in the New Year. Don’t you want to wear white clothes? Then  wear white underwear!

The meaning of other colours:
Red: Passion, energy and courage
Green: Faith, hope, health and power
Orange: Energy and sensuality
Yellow: Wealth, wisdom and self-confidence
Blue: Peace, safety and goodness
Pink: Love, love, love!
Lilac: spirituality

Why not try one or some of them? Happy New Year!