The coffee table

My coffee table is a great ally when I have guests at home. I am glad I spent time looking for one that has the right size, height and that is neutral enough to blend with any type of furniture in my living room. This is actually one of the few remaining pieces of furniture that we bought right before our wedding. In my opinion, a coffee place is the perfect place to create a casual and relaxed atmosphere when receiving guests at home. This is how my coffee table looks like right now.

I always like to have flowers on my coffee table because it gives a warm and welcoming feeling to the living room. I am also a big fan of decorative bowls and chose a Moroccan style because I can link it to other Oriental accessories spread in my apartment. A few (coffee table) books are also part of my decoration, they entertain guests and are used many times as topic of conversation.

When we have guests at home, all the magic starts in the living room. Once they arrive, I offer a drink and place a few appetizers on the coffee table. After that we move to the dinning room but, when the meal is over, I always bring them back to the living room where they are more comfortable to enjoy a fresh coffee. There are a few events you can host on your coffee table, I will share some of them with you.

Drinks before going out

Sometimes a group of friends decide to meet at one’s home before heading out for a party or a concert. Well, a coffee table is the ideal place to serve drinks when waiting for everybody to arrive.

Relaxed movie night

It is cold outside… Why not stay at home and watch a nice movie? For a movie night in your living room there is no better place to serve snacks to your guests.

Coffee after a nice meal

Once the meal is over and everybody ate too much, there is nothing more comfortable than move back to the couch and enjoy a nice and fresh coffee with cookies. This is also the best place to serve tea to a guest who stops by for a short visit.

Oh yes, I love Milano cookies 🙂