The 7th assignment of my course

After two months of procrastination I finally submitted the 7th Assignment of my Interior Design course. It doesn’t mean that I have lost interest on my course or that I didn’t like this module. Actually it was a very interesting chapter because I could learn more about finishes including  walls, floors, ceiling, doors, windows, and all fixed surfaces.  For this assignment I had to create the following interior finish schedules for each room within the renovation project which began on my 4th assignment:

1. Finishing Schedule – including colors and finishes for all permanent fixtures.
2. Flooring Schedule – specifying all flooring surfaces for the ground floor.
3. Lighting Schedule  – specifying all permanent lighting fixtures, including the light source, for the ground floor.

This assignment required a lot of time researching different products but I can say that I am very happy with the final result. I do understand the importance of such exercise as Interior Designers have to learn how to make their shopping list and communicate with their contractors. Click on the titles above to see all three finishing schedules.

Well, the schedules were submitted and now it is time to wait for my marks!