My Diploma Course in Interior Design

14 months after starting my Diploma Course in Interior Design, I finally graduated and received my diploma. Although it took longer than I expected, it was such a rewarding experience. A few people have contacted me in the past year asking for some tips about my course and therefore I decided to write this post with a summary of it and links to all assignments. By the way, I attended the course at the Interior Design Institute USA.

Module 1: The Visual Language of Design

This module was an introduction to Interior Design. I learned the elements and principles of design that are used to create harmonious and balanced interiors.
Assignment 1

Module 2: The History of Style Decoration and Architecture

The 2nd module was all about history and I really enjoyed it. I learned to recognize architectural and decorative details influenced by ancient Greek, Roman and Egyptian architecture, Neoclassicism and more recent design styles and how to incorporate these ideas into my designs.
Assignment 2

Module 3: Design Styles

In this Module I learned how to make strategic and conceptual decisions for my design projects based on the desired function, style and mood of the space.

Module 4: Space Planning

In this module I discovered how to apply the design elements to my spatial planning and design concepts, considering different furniture layouts to suit the intended function of the space. I learned how to draw a floor plan and rearrange an existing space and plan a new layout for a renovation project.

Module 5: Lighting

Here I learned to discover the sources and properties of light, types of lighting and how the orientation of a space affects natural lighting. After that I had to Incorporate these ideas into my renovation project that started in Module 4.

Module 6: Color

This module introduced me to the power and psychology of color and how it can be used as a pivotal design tool in my projects. I learned about the properties of color and understood how it can change the mood of a space, alter perceptions and create the intended style.

Module 7: Interior Finishes

In this module I discovered the importance of ensuring quality finishes on the floor, walls and ceiling to create a striking and functional backdrop for furnishings and window treatments. This was the less exciting module but it was important to know more about products and finishes suitable to create a professional interior space.

Module 8: Decorative Textiles and Fabrics

This module introduced the history, beauty and luxury of decorative textiles and fabrics. I learned how to appreciate the importance of including items with luxurious and aesthetic appeal as essential components in my design, regardless of the available budget.

Module 9: Furniture, Art and Accessories

Here I learned how furniture styles have been developed over the years for specific uses and applications. I also learned how to visually present ideas to my client by creating mood boards.

Module 10: Working With Clients

This module showed me the work practices of professional designers. I learned the vital procedures and thought processes that bring a design to completion in the real world. I have actually worked on this project and renovated a room based on what I learned in this module.

Module 11: Visual Communication

In this module I was taught how to document my ideas and designs for clients, contractors and my own reference. I learned how to create a three-dimensional drawing from floor plans to help visualize the space and make more informed design choices.

Module 12: Setting up an Interior Design Business

This module is for someone considering making design their career as it contains professional advice from outstanding business consultants who work with creative, respected and successful Interior Designers.

What to do next? I am planning to attend an advanced course in Commercial Design where I can learn more about interior decoration for hotels, businesses and restaurants. Another idea is to attend a course in Event Decoration and concentrate in parties and special occasions. I will definitely let you know once I decide.