My 40th birthday brunch

Wow I have just turned 40, I can’t believe it.

Last Saturday I organised a small birthday brunch for a few good friends at Loft Five, one of my favourite places in Zurich.

When it came time to start planning my 40th birthday party, I had quite a few ideas: Disco, The 80’s, etc.  But I also wanted to bring my closest friends together in a cosy and special way. I started looking for restaurants that offer brunch on Saturdays (it is not that common in Zurich) and, after spending a lot of time checking different options, I decided to contact my favourite restaurant in the city. Once I provided details about the event, they offered me a special brunch menu and I decided to go for it. Definitely it was the right decision because I had a great time and my guests had a blast.

As an event planner, I couldn’t stop thinking about the whole party theme and the table decoration. First I created an invitation with polka dots, and when the date started to approach I considered  Easter/Spring as the main theme because this is just the perfect option for this time of the year.

Check here a few impressions of a great Saturday morning in excellent company.

All food and beverage were provided by Loft Five, but a Brazilian birthday party must have brigadeiros… I made a few dark chocolate and lemon & white chocolate sweets for all my guest to take home with them. Well, some of them could not resist and already had their “take home treats” at the restaurant…