Gift ideas for a baby shower

It is baby shower season, at least for me! I know five ladies who are pregnant right now and her babies are coming pretty soon hence, it is time to start shopping for a few gifts.

Although baby showers are still not a must in Switzerland, some ladies have started organizing them. I really think this is a great way for the mothers to celebrate with friends and family and get ready before their little ones arrive.

Have you been invited to such a celebration but you don’t really know how does it work? Click here to read my previous post about it.

As you probably know, guests are expected to bring gifts to baby showers and they typically include clothes, diapers and toys. Today I would like to share with you a few gift tips for newborns.

Basic items

– Glass bottles and teats
– Breast pump
– Steriliser
– Pacifiers
– Bottle brush
– Baby towels
– Plastic bathtub
– Blankets
– Burp cloths
– Onesies
– One piece pajamas
– Bodysuits
– Cardigans
– Socks
– Shoes
– Hats
– Mittens
– Newborn sleeping bags
– Hairbrush
– Newborn diapers!

Special gifts

– Bassinet
– Baby swing/bouncer
– Baby carrier
– On-the-go changing mat
– Crib mobile
– Car seat toys
– Diaper bag
– Healthcare kit with thermometer
– Diaper pail
– Soft toys

Do you have any other tip to share with us? If so, please leave a comment below.