From a messy home office to a cozy nursery

Transform a home office into a nursery, this was the 10th assignment of my Interior Design course. I had to find a friend (treat her as a client), choose one room in her home that needs work and suggest a scheme for it.

My friend lives with her husband in a rental property and they are expecting their first child. They have a 2-bedroom apartment and are not planning to move out right now therefore they decided to convert their messy home office into a simple and cozy nursery. The room was full of clutter: too many books, dvds, photo albums, boxes and binders. First they had to select what to stay and what should go.

Here is the before and after.

BEFORE: The home office


Scheme for the nursery:
First of all, I considered the space in the room which is 12 m2 and what needs to be fitted into it: a baby crib, a changing table and a sofa bed (she is not planning to buy a wardrobe yet). I started looking into horizontal lines because they tend to create a restful feeling to the space.

Based on my friend’s request, the room size and its layout, I suggested the following for the nursery:

  • White baby crib
  • Baby-blue bed-linen
  • White and baby-blue changing table
  • Beige sofa with baby-blue decorative pillows
  • Blue and yellow accessories

The furniture and accessories proposed above for the nursery are contemporary as the rest of furniture in her apartment.

AFTER: The nursery