Emphasizing a statement piece

This is the last part of my 3rd course assignment and now I need to describe an image of a room emphasizing a statement piece. I chose a very modern and contemporary living-dining-kitchen space and I particularly like its cleanness. The black tiles in contrast with the white walls, kitchen and chairs give a minimalist touch to the area. The open space concept with its high ceiling (on one side) and vertical lines extends the height of the living area giving the impression that the room is larger than it really is.  It has an asymmetrical balance as both sides are not equal but both have elements with a similar perceived weight.

I would like to draw attention to the white square panel on the wall behind the sofa. It is a nice piece and has texture but I feel that it is not given enough emphasis. Actually I feel that it is lost on the white walls. My suggestion is to paint the wall behind the sofa in purple/plum, this will make a huge impact in the space and create a focal point on that wall and panel. Purple/plum is a contrasting color that works very well with white and grey and it will definitely not be ignored. Because this is a large and bright room, adding a strong color will not disturb the space.

Another suggestion is to replace the white flowers on the coffee table with a green plant. This would help keeping focus in the living room area.

Rhythm was created through the repetition of elements: white chairs, wood tables and kitchen pendants. There is balance and proportion with those elements as they relate to each other in the entire space.

The living-dining-kitchen areas are in harmony because the design elements and principles are working together to strengthen the visual appeal of this open space concept.