Elements working in harmony

The second part of my 3rd course assignment consists in finding an image with elements working in harmony and explain why I feel this way drawing on the elements and principles of design.

I have chosen this beautiful American Victorian house (also know as the Gilmore Girls house) because there is harmony between its windows and doors. The main Victorian characteristics of the house are:

  • A large wrap-around porch on the front
  • Stairways leading to the wrap-around front porches adorned with turned wood railings
  • Decorative wooden panels on the gable ends (triangular end section of a pitched roof)
  • Larger six -paned vertical sliding windows with a single glazing bar down the middle
  • Large bay windows
  • Steeply pitched roof with gable front
  • Painted weatherboard exteriors

All elements above are part of the house aesthetic and are in balance and in proportion with the size of windows and doors. The house has a traditional Victorian style and its cool colors give a formal feeling to it. There is balance between its straight lines, colors and shape.

Rhythm was created through the repetition of windows, doors and plants around the house. The emphasis is its beautiful porch on the front, inviting you to walk in and get yourself comfortable. There is proportion between the big windows and doors as they relate to each other and the whole building.

Harmony is achieved with the house’ style, cool colors, straight lines and formal shape working together with the windows and doors’ balance, proportion and rhythm.