Before and after: Living room

An updated living room

My husband and I have been living at the same place for almost 10 years. It is a good size 2-bedroom apartment with a very large kitchen, a good size living and dining rooms and a medium size balcony.  Because we need more space and haven’t been able to find something better yet, we decided to maximize it on a budget.

Our home has a contemporary style and we like to mix budget furniture such as IKEA and local Swiss brands with high street pieces.

This was the BEFORE:

The room measures around 21 square meters and before the integration it was only used as our living room.


Because we wanted to move our home office to the dining room, I recycled our old office desk which became a dining table for four to six people and integrated it in the living area. I placed it near the balcony so it can also be used during summer to accommodate guests when we host bbq parties at home.

We didn’t want to make new holes on the wall and therefore we kept the shelf unit at the same position as before and just moved the TV unit a bit to the right, opening space to a large plant and giving a nice asymmetry to the room. I am still looking for a nice wall decor idea to place behind the TV. Any suggestions?

Although the room is not very large, a few friends have already told us that we were able to make the space cozier than before.

Soon I will share the pictures of our new home office with you.