A contemporary home office in Brooklyn

For my 3rd course assignment I needed to find an image of a cold space and explain how I can change this space into a warm and intimate environment. I chose a modern and contemporary home office in Brooklyn, New York. Photo credit: Casa Vogue Brasil

Although there is nothing wrong with a cool space, the interior decorator could use a few elements in addition to the open bookshelf to warm up the room. My suggestions are:

Space: The home office is relatively large and therefore it is fine to add more colors and make the space cozier.

Lines: The room has vertical lines and the plaster walls are emphasized with embossing details on the ceiling, connecting the end of the wall and the ceiling, and around the windows.  This finishing feature combined with the size of the windows make the room looks higher. Although the office is very bright, due to its large windows, a more colorful ceiling light could help giving warmth to the space.

Shape: This is a contemporary room and I would keep it this way therefore, I wouldn’t change anything on its shape.

Color: The colors of this home office are cold and I would suggest painting the walls in warmers colors or using wallpaper to introduce pattern and make the room warmer.

Texture:  The texture used on the walls, furniture and floor makes this home office space very urbane and sophisticated. However, to create a warmer feeling in the room, I would add a rug below the desk/chair area to introduce texture and create coziness.

Light: As I mentioned under “lines”, there is a lot of light in the room due to its large windows. I particularly like the size of the windows because they provide natural light and the feeling of more space. They also help the outside views to be in evidence.  The only recommendation I would give is to replace the current pendent to a more colorful one. It will help giving warmth to the space.

Pattern:  I recognize a pattern by the way the parquets are laid on the floor. Its color is neutral and it gives a cool feeling to the room. I would not change it, the use of a rug below the desk/chair will help warming up the space.

Balance:  The original room has an asymmetrical balance because its sides don’t look the same. The changes I am suggesting would keep the same asymmetry and also give a more spontaneous and informal feeling to the home office.

Rhythm and Repetition:  The parquet floor, bookshelves and windows bring rhythm and repetition to the room. To add more sense of repetition, I would add a few plants or flowers to the office. They will also bring instant warmth to the space, help creating a connection to the exterior and bring live to the room.

Emphasis: The emphasis on this room is the desk, placed in the middle of the home office and the objects relating to each other in the entire space result in a balanced and interesting setting. A good idea to bring more warmth to the space would be to replace the black chair with a more colorful one, perhaps something yellow or orange. The emphasis would still be in the same area but instead of the desk, it would be on the chair.  Adding a colorful cabinet (there is a white one on the right side of the picture) could also be an option. However, the emphasis in the room would probably change from the desk to the new cabinet.