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Konica Mount

Konica Hexanon AR 40mm f/1.8 Lens For Konica Mount and Vivitar polarizing lens


KONICA AR lens to Sony E-Mount a6000 a5100 a5000 a3500 a3000 NEX5T adapter


Konica Hexanon 57mm f/1.4 Fast Prime Lens for Konica AR Mount


KONICA AR LENS MICRO 4/3 m4/3 LENS ADAPTER BlackMagic Design MFT Mount Camera


Konica 40mm F/1.8 Hexanon AE AR Mount Lens {55}


Konica 135mm F/3.2 Hexanon EE AR Mount Lens {55}


Konica Hexanon 35mm f/2.8 Prime Lens for Konica AR Mount with Hood and Cases


Konica Hexanon AR 50mm f.1.4 Manual Lens Sony E-mount Full FrameĀ  #CQ10a


Konica 28mm F/3.5 Hexanon EE AR Mount Lens {55}


Konica 100mm F/2.8 Hexanon EE AR Mount AR Mount Lens {55}


Vivitar 70-210mm f3.5 Series 1 Macro Lens Konica EE Mount #207


Konica Praktica Lens Mount Adapter II AR M42


LEINOX Konica AR mount lens to Fujifilm X-Pro1 FX mount Camera adapter AR-FX


Kiron Reverse Mate for Konica K/AR Mount lenses - 55mm - 06120207


BOWER AUTOMATIC 28mm 1:2.8 Wide Angle Manual Lens with KONICA Mount


Midori 28mm F2.8 Konica AR Mount Lens For SLR/Mirrorless Cameras


Konica Exakta Lens Mount Adapter II. Japan Vintage Quality


Vivitar T4 / TX Lens Mount Adapter for Konica AR Mount Camera #42480


Konica TX Lens Mount Adapter New in Box 0355519




Konica Lenses AR mount - Manual Focus Lens for 35mm film SLR camera


Sigma Mini Wide II 28 mm f/2.8 MC Lens For Konica Mount


K&F Concept adapter for Konica AR mount lens to Fujifilm X-Pro2,X-A2,X-E1.X-T1


Konica Mount 80-200 Zoom Lens For Konica K/AR by Soligor New


FOTGA Konica AR Lens to Sony E-Mount NEX-3 C3 NEX-5 5R 5C 5N NEX-6 NEX-7 Adapter


Konica Minolta 70-210mm f/4 AF Lens For Minolta, "Beer Can" A Mount


Tou Five Star 75-200mm F4.5 with Konica Mount


Fotga Konica-M4/3 Adapter Digital Ring Konica AR Mount Lens to Micro ED


Konica 35-70mm F/3.5-4.5 Hexanon AE Macro 2-Touch AR Mount Lens {55}


Konica Hexanon 135mm f/3.5 Telephoto Lens for Konica AR Mount


Vivitar 135mm f2.8 Auto Telephoto Lens 55mm Konica Mount K/AR with Case


FOTGA Konica AR Lens to SONY NEX-7 A6300 A6500 A7 A7S A7R II III E-Mount Adapter


FOTGA Adapter Ring for Konica AR Mount lens to Canon EF-M EOS M M2 M3 M5 M6 M10


"Very Rare""Excellent+++" Konica Hexagon 17mm F16 for Leica L Mount From Japan


Tokina KT 50-250mm f4-5.6 AT-X Lens Konica Mount #684


Auto Tamron 200-500 zoom lens 1:6.9 691634 w/case Konica Mount


Konica Teleconverter AR 2X Hexanon for Konica AR Mount 13771


Tamron Adaptall 2 Lens Mount Adapter to M42 Canon Minolta Konica Olympus Fujica


Star-D 28mm F/2.8 Konica AR Mount Wide Angle Manual Lens For DSLR M4/3 Camera


Vivitar 28mm f/2.5 Wide Angle Lens for Konica AR Mount


Konica Hexanon 135mm F/3.5 AR Mount Telephoto Manual Lens For DSLR M4/3 Camera


Tamron Adaptall 2 Custom Camera Lens Adapter for all Konica KR Mount Excellent